Sagemcom is well-known as a specialist in equipment provision, development and deployment of telecom networks dedicated to multiservice applications for operators, utilities and civil services. From copper links to optical or radio solutions including core networks engineering, Sagemcom is able to meet any need were broadband is required. With The software Ionos as network administrator, Sagemcom has developed a simple and highly efficient solution to monitor and maintain installations.

Sagemcom optical solutions consists in the ADR family which is a multi-service and multi-rate SDH platform which offers a large variety of PDH and Ethernet interfaces. Sagemcom also provides a complete range of DWDM products.

Sagemcom ADR 155C 

ADR-155CCovering all the bandwidths from 2 to 155 Mbps, the Sagemcom ADR155C is perfectly suited to most contemporary applications with their ever-increasing bandwidth requirements.

Secured transport over SDH of:
- TDM services
- Ethernet services ( VCAT, GFP, LCAS)
Flexible configuration (http server embedded), High-performance SNMP management

Download datasheet - Sagemcom ADR 155C

Sagemcom ADR 2500 eXtra

ADR 2500extraSagemcom ADR 2500 eXtra has been designed by Sagemcom to provide its customers a flexible platform for the Metro Access and Metro Core Networks. ADR 2500 eXtra offers a large variety of interfaces, from 1 and E3/DS3, to the Ethernet accesses (Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet), enabling provision of all kind of services to the end customer.

- Secure transport over SDH
- Flexible, scalable and fully protected platform
- Innovative data interfaces with advanced Ethernet Switch features
- Compact and cost effective

Download datasheet - Sagemcom ADR 2500 eXtra

Sagemcom ADR 622 

sdh-optika.jpgSagemcom introduces Sagemcom ADR622, STM-1 and STM-4 multi-service platform which offers a large variety of interfaces, from E1, E3/DS3 to Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.

- STM-1 / STM-4 Add- Drop Multiplexer
- Secured, Flexible, scaleable and fully protected platform
- Transport of Ethernet over SDH (E.O.S) with advanced Ethernet switch features
- Compact and easy to use solution.

Download datasheet - Sagemcom ADR 622

Sagemcom FMX digital multiplexer (copper)

fmx-digatlis-multiplexer.jpgWith many peripheral units, FMX enables the network operator to deliver all services directly to the end user: digital and analog leased line services, PSTN and ISDN services.

Moreover, drop/insert and branching functions (possibly associated with VF or digital bridging) provide cost-effective solution for utilities linear networks.

Multiplexing, drop/insert and cross-connect functions
Wide range of analog and digital interfaces
LL, IP, PSTN, ISDN services
High reliability
Network terminals units for remote locations
Cost-effective solution

Download datasheet - Sagemcom FMX