Sagemcom TiGR 160

Sagemcom TiGR 160Sagemcom TiGR 160 is an innovative general purpose handheld (GPH) with two SIM card readers. The TiGR 160 allows railway operators to invest in a single handheld device with convenient consumer phone functions that also provide access to both private GSM-R railway networks and commercial GSM cellular networks. With the Sierra Wireless Sagemcom TiGR 160, there is no need for railway staff to carry two mobile devices.

The TiGR 160 holds two Subscriber Identification Modules (SIM cards), one for access to GSM-R railway networks and one for commercial GSM cellular networks. Accessories for the TiGR 160 include: Bluetooth, pedestrian kit, and Bluetooth car kit.


Dual-SIM for GSM-R and commercial GSM compatibility
High resolution color screen
USB interface
Long-lasting Li-ion battery
Built-in data and fax modem
Currency converter, calculator, alarm, timer
GPS option
Accelerometer option
Lone Worker Protection option


Convenient access to both GSM-R and GSM cellular networks
Easy to use as consumer mobile phones
Consistent user experience for personnel familiar with the Sagemcom TiGR 350R

Supports railway operations including:

Voice Group Call over GSM-R
Short operational messages
Quick volume management
Push-to-talk (PTT) in point-to-point mode
Quick group call dialing
Roger beep
Two dedicated buttons for emergency call and PTT

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