Main activities and milestones of our company evolution

1968 Cable delivery - SILEC
Change of TELEX technology for the Hungarian Post Company - SAGEM
1981-82 Delivery of PCM technology for the Telephone Manufacturer Company - SAT
1985-86 Delivery of optical data transmission technology for the Telephone Manufacturer Company - SAT
1986 The first optical backbone network in Budapest - SAT
1987 Foundation of SYNCON Telecommunication Cooperative by our engineers
Implementation of „Post FAX" project - SAGEM
1989 The first digital solution in Budapest - SAT/SYNCON
1990 The first digital microwave link in Hungary (STD-10) - SAT/SYNCON
1991 Joint venture agreement between SAT (Tregor El.) and SYNCON companies
1992 The SAGEM Groupe gains ownership (52%) in SYNCON
1995 Name change: SYNCON became SAT Magyarország Eletronikai Kft. The SAGEM Groupe gains 100% ownership
Foundation of a second company (TREL Hálózatépítő Kft.) with 100% SAGEM ownership
First SDH project in Budapest with the contribution of SAT Magyarország
Name change: SAGEM Magyarország Elektronikai Kft. (fusion of SAGEM and SAT)
The first hungarian fix GSM terminal project - SAGEM


The new millenium brought new strategy and the company's rethink and reorganization.

Start of selling Philips and Sagem faxes for wholesale partners

Increse of business presence in neighbour countries
Start of system integration project e.g. Traffic information systems (motorway infrastructure)

2005 SAGEM Communication became the new owner of SAGEM Magyarország Kft.
Delivery of TETRA terminals and special TETRA related solutions for
Between the Sagem Group the company became world-wide competence center in ITS
Acquisition of SAGEM Communications by the SAFRAN group and The Gores Group.
Development of ORANGE mobile network and maintenance support
Name change: The owner, SAGEM Communications became: Sagemcom SAS. From then, our company called Sagemcom Magyarország Elektronikai Kft. The new owner is Sagemcom Energy & Telecom.
2011 Global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group bought Sagemcom from the Gores Group.