Intelligens közlekedésIn the past 3 years we had several projects for regional transportation companies in Hungary. We are able to set a complete system with the following functionalities:

• Complex on-board control for all kind of  vehicles and applications
• Efficient communication between the dispatcher center, the driver and the passengers
• Real-time vehicle tracking
• Inform passengers about: expected duration of journey, arrival time, distance of the next route etc. (real-time traffic information)
• Alarming and decision-making system in case of emergency

The system elements

• OBU: central computer with GPS module and GSM/GPRS modem
• Peripheral devices
• display systems: LCD, LED panel etc.
• ticket canceller
• announcement systems: loudspeakers, microphones, SOS push buttons
• passenger counting systems
• Passenger information systems at bus stops and stations: display columns and walls