kozlekedes-elektronika-metroSagemcom Hungary is a leading provider of integrated metro supervision and communication systems. Our modular system is capable of integrating equipment of different third party vendors. Our activity consists of equipment delivery, system integration as well as comprehensive project management.

Integration and project management
Our experiences and references include reconstruction works as well as green field project implementation. During Budapest M2 Metro Line reconstruction in 2004-2007 Sagemcom Hungary installed an 11.5 million EUR integrated supervision and communications system while continuous operation of the metro line was maintained.

Due to its modular design our system is capable of integrating equipment of different third party vendors including leading specialist companies like American Dynamics, Ikegami, Bosch, Schrack, Nortel etc. Our optical transmission infrastructure combines uttermost reliability of the well-proven SDH technology as well as wide range of features and high capacity of state-of-the-art IP networks. Dependable duplicated systems are used in most critical applications in order to ensure maximum safety for the passengers.

Sagemcom Hungary provides comprehensive project management as well including project design, supervision of system planning and implementation planning, obtaining permits, continuous on-site management, providing reports as well as managing delivery and acceptance procedure.

Features and functions
In order to cope with emergency situations station dispatcher systems can work either in autonomous mode or as parts of the complex centralized line dispatcher systems. Different responsibilities are dedicated to station dispatchers and technical dispatchers while central supervision is carried out by Central Passenger Dispatcher, Central Train Dispatcher, Central Technical Dispatcher and Central Power Dispatcher. Dispatcher systems are based on client-server architecture with sophisticated logging functions and database handling. Redundant IT architecture is used throughout the stations, the train depot as well as in the central dispatcher building.

Complex functionality of our integrated system covers the following areas:

  • Central and station dispatcher systems
  • Video surveillance and public address system
  • Visual passenger information and station clock system
  • Emergency call system
  • Platform monitoring system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Radio communication system
  • Telemechanics and building services control system
  • Dispatcher telephone system
  • Optical transmission and IT infrastructure
  • Comprehensive network management and system administration

According to the two-level architecture tasks of station management system and central management systems are organized in an appropriate way. Station management system is responsible for visual monitoring, handling of emergency situations, providing passenger information, wired and wireless communication with neighbouring stations, central dispatchers and train drivers, controlling building services. Central dispatcher systems provide visual monitoring and telemetry, subsystem control and operation, central and station management, data acquisition and processing, logging, operation and maintenance functions.