kozlekedes-elektronika-autopalyaSagemcom Hungary offers turnkey solution from consultancy to central traffic management for motorway operators. Our activity covers from planning through implementation to commissioning and operation support of traffic and telecommunication systems. We have had many years experience in the realization of complex projects in the Hungarian motorways. The operating systems help motorway operators to optimise traffic management and infrastructure maintenance. Moreover, due to the complexity of the system, it provides passenger information as well as enhances road traffic safety.

Network management system
Our system is a fully integrated complete solution for motorway operators with the following options:

  • Project management, consultancy, test and measurement
  • Design
  • Highway infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • Various telecommunications and data transfer solutions
  • Motorway subsystems
    • Detection, classification and vehicle vounters
    • Weather management and information systems
    • Video, photo enforcement
    • Emergency call system
    • Static and electronic signage (Variable Message Signs)
    • Access control, surveillance and security systems
  • Traffic management, IT, computing and software

In view of the complexity of the system and the speciality of the operation, Sagemcom Hungary has developed the cTV central Traffic View software for system management. The application supports the work of control centres on motorways, collects the data provided by the deployed devices into one database and displays them on one common user interface.
Gantries, traffic counters, meteorological stations, cameras, web cameras, emergency call stations are managed by the cTV central management software.

The application allows more views of the motorway and its environment: country, motorway and segment (one segment of the given motorway) views. It is easy to switch among the views, so that the user can easily select the concerned road section and act fast.

There are two types of presentation: block scheme and geographical view. In the schematic view symbols are dedicated to the motorway devices and all of roads, merging lanes, exit lanes, railways, rivers, rest areas and all important establishment crossing the given segment to help the best understanding.


  • Displaying devices and alarms on overview displays
  • Data collection, device status information
  • Controlling devices
  • Handling emergency phone calls
  • Recording events and generating alarm if necessary
  • Listing suggested action plans from strategy store
  • Alarm and event handling according to action plans
  • Report generation
  • Data  publishing interfaces
  • Datex2 interface support