IONOS-NMSIONOS NMS is the Network Management Platform designed by Sagemcom to provide Network Element configuration, real time alarm monitoring, centralised access to all troubleshooting and Network Management functions for all Sagemcom products.

It has been designed:
- To offer to the customers, carriers and private companies the best service level with automated supervision
- To reduce the rquired skills of the operator personal improving the management of network services
- To follow the next expansion of the customer's network with a scalable architecture using truly distributed, client-server technology
- To faciliate the integration into the customer's own management platform by integrating open interfaces

It enables the operator to have management features such as:
- Topology, Alarms, Alarm re-alignment from NE
- Alarm log, Event log
- Definition of the network hierarchy (sub-network concept)
- Configuration and diagnostic, Performances
- Software download per NE or per sub network
- Protection features: SNCP, MSP, MS-SPRING
- Easy set up of: VCx trails, Ethernet Services, End to end optical path for WDM and so on..
- Configuration of Virtual NE (for non Sagemcom products)
- Exporting of various data to file (XML or ASCII)
- Data collection of performances on trails and bearers and graphic display