SAGEMCOM SLF RADIOThe Sagemcom digital radio relay systems guarantee quality and reliability for short, medium and long distance point-to-point links.  Especially, the SLF enables rapid and cost-effective connectivity for carriers, but also for private networks and enterprises. The SLF is a solution from 2G to 3G reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

The SLT radio relay system is dedicated to long distance links. The SLT is a low frequency from 6G to 11G, high capacity, N+1 trunk radio system of the more robust backbone and long-haul infrastructure. It is simple to install, and supports multiple capacities, frequencies, modulation schemes and configurations for various network requirements.




Digital radio relay system
Ethernet interface: GE and FE with QoS
PDH interfaces: E1, E3
SDH intertaces: STM1
Flexible and modular architecture with ODU
compatible for all configurations and capacities networks and entreprises. Specially for mobile operator, SLF is a solution for 2G to 3G, LTE or Wimax migration, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX