ObserWare remote monitoring system

ObserWare flottakövető alkalmazásObserWare is an application and system module for real-time monitoring and supervision of an almost infinite range and number of objects.

It is designed to verify "normal behavior", i.e. if all current readings satisfy given static conditions, and also to compare the actual status of a system with the time-dependent desired values extracted from a production plan, mission specification or just any other source.



Main features

Common platform of different
-Technologies, protocols and data formats,
-Devices, sensors (analogue, digital)
Simple variable user interface
-Map, Status and Resource view
-Display suited to user
-Multiple operators
Sophisticated authority system
-Groups / tasks, organization, role, user

Built-in resource optimisation
Concurrent monitoring and analysis of numerous objects
Efficient handling of complex events
-Scalability regarding objects and users
-Definition of complex rules on alarming, reporting, filtering and colouring
-Extended status analysis with forward/backward replay
High degree reliability, availability
-Cluster architecture, thin client technology
-Large display browser (IE8, Chrome, Firefox…)
-Sabotage proof
-Easy version update, support and maintenance

More information: www.obserware.hu